Assembly of Members & Global Land Forum

The Assembly of Members (AoM) is the supreme governing body responsible for establishing the overall strategies and policies of the ILC and, concomitantly, to ensure that the organization remains in compliance with the intentions of the members.

The AoM meets once every two years, when it:

  • reviews the progress achieved on the ILC’s Strategic Framework and advises on any adjustments to the Framework;
  • establishes such policies as are needed to frame and facilitate the operation of the ILC;
  • advises on the multi-year work plan;
  • assesses the financial position, determines actions required and contributes to the mobilization of resources;
  • elects new members to the AoM;
  • elects members to the vacancies on the CC;
  • amends the charter and governance framework as required.

The AoM may meet at any fixed location, as determined by the CC, or in other forms, considering the use of communication technology, suited to the business to be conducted.

The quorum for a meeting of the AoM is not less than fifty per cent (50%) of the civil society members and not less than fifty per cent (50%) of the intergovernmental members. Members may exercise not more than one proxy each that has been filed with the Secretariat according to the procedures as prescribed by the CC.

Unless otherwise specified in the Charter and Governance Framework, decisions in the AoM are taken by a simple majority.