Local Movement Leveraging the Sustainable Development Goals to Strengthen Women’s Land Rights in Brazil

By Patricia Chaves, Jolyne Sanjak and Malcolm Childress
Tuesday, 18th April 2017

On February 1st, 2017, Espaço Feminista hosted a forum in Bonito, Pernambuco, Brazil on women's land rights. Our objective was to bring the SDG discussion to the local level, where changes really occur. 

Los ODS y la lucha de las mujeres por sus derechos a la tierra

Friday, 17th March 2017

Por Marta Esber (Fundación Plurales)

Participating in the AWID Forum: More Effective Ways for Feminist Futures!

Wednesday, 7th September 2016

From the 8th to the 11th of  September 2016 the 13th the AWID International Forum will take place in Costa do Sauipe, Bahia. The Forum, as the title mentions, focuses on Feminist Futures

Mujeres rurales, tierra y desarrollo

Tuesday, 25th August 2015

Brazil’s Women Leaders Meet to Discuss: The Intersection of Interests for Women’s Land Rights

Patrica Chaves and Malcolm Childress
Wednesday, 19th August 2015

Scores of women leaders from across Brazil, including indigenous and Afro-Brazilian, rural and urban, from government and civil society, gathered in Recife, the capital of the Brazilian state of Pernambuco last week to call for concrete indicators focused on women’s economic empowerment to be