Aprendiendo sobre el rol de la juventud en el desarrollo rural y la defensa de los territorios

Vilma Chanta (FUNDE)
Thursday, 12th May 2016

¿Cuál es el panorama de las mujeres en el desarrollo rural?

María Mónica Parada Hernández (Observatorio de Tierras)
Thursday, 14th April 2016

Legal Breakthrough on Land Rights and Ending Secrecy of Land Ownership

Peter Peacock (CLS), Megan MacInnes (Global Witness)
Thursday, 31st March 2016

Peter Peacock of Community Land Scotland and Megan MacInnes of Global Witness explain the historic breakthroughs introduced in Scotland’s latest Land Reform Bill. 

What ILC, OXFAM, RRI Directors want you to know about the Global Call to Action

Mike Taylor (ILC), Winnie Byanyima (Oxfam), Andy White (RRI)
Wednesday, 9th March 2016

Around 2.5 billion people live, work, and depend on indigenous and community lands. They protect about half of the world’s land, but have full ownership rights to just one-fifth of that. Why this massive gap? 

Protecting Land and Community Resources in Africa

Rachael Knight
Thursday, 11th February 2016

Namati is co-publishing a book that focuses on innovative land rights protection for communities in Africa. This blog post provides an overview of the threats and opportunities facing land advocates, while summarising the main lessons learned from the book.

The role of civil society and advocacy in women’s land rights

Sunday, 6th December 2015