Respect, protect and strengthen the land rights of women and men living in poverty, ensuring that no one is deprived of the use and control of the land on which their well-being and human dignity depend, including through eviction, expulsion or exclusion, and with compulsory changes to tenure undertaken only in line with international law and standards on human rights.

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Groundswell International

Asociación de productores agroecológicos promueve organización social comunitaria

Randy Mikuna es una propuesta alternativa de sustentabilidad y organización construida por los campesinos en la sierra central de Ecuador. Esta asociación de productores agroecológicos, compuesta por 32 familias, promueve la soberanía alimentaria y la organización social comunitaria. A través de...

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Pasture users’ unions (PPUs) improve rural farmers' livelihoods in Kyrgyzstan

IFAD's Agricultural Investments and Services Project (AISP) assisted in the implementation of the 2009 "Pasture Law" which devolved pastureland management to local government and pasture users, in the form of pasture users’ unions (PUUs). 768 PUUs and 714 community pasture management plans were...

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Protecting customary land tenure through Principles, Practices, Rights and Responsibilities (PPRR) books

LEMU worked with 8 communities in north and east Uganda to draft their customary land laws into Principles, Practices, Rights and Responsibilities (PPRR) books. The PPRR books have assisted local communities to protect their long-held customs and traditions, including their customary land tenure...

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Liderazgo de mujeres indígenas favorece desarrollo sostenible en Puerto Prado

Una comunidad del pueblo amazónico cocama-cocamilla abandonó sus tierras a orillas del río Ucayali debido la escasez de recursos para subsistir. Liderados por Ema Tapullima, desde 1999 se ubicaron en Puerto Prado, a orillas del río Marañón. Los miembros de la comunidad compraron legalmente las...

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LEARN, SHARE AND BE INSPIRED: Learning from the Database of Good Practices - Protected Land Rights Defenders

The International Land Coalition’s Commitment 10 seeks to respect and protect the civil and political rights of human rights defenders working on land issues, combat the stigmatization and...

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LEARN, SHARE AND BE INSPIRED: Learning from the Database of Good Practices - Transparent and Accessible Information

The International Land Coalition’s Commitment 8 seeks to ensure transparency and accountability, through unhindered and timely public access to all information that may contribute to informed...

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