Approaching the GLF 2018, Government of Indonesia convenes a high level meeting at the Presidential Palace

Friday, 8th December 2017

More bricks are being paved to complete the journey toward the Global Land Forum 2018. Hosted by the Presidential Staff Office (KSP), relevant ministry institutions were attending a high-level meeting to weave an engagement toward the preparation of the GLF, taking place at the Presidential Palace, Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Governments working with private and public stakeholders to improve land governance in Africa

Thursday, 23rd November 2017

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 13 November  2017- Multi-stakeholders platforms (MSP) bringing together civil society organisations (CSOs), private sector, governments, and UN agencies are essential in securing land rights and achieving development in Africa. The collaborative nature of these platforms has great potential for synergising ideas and finding common ground on land issues. MSP appears to be a recommendation of regional, continental and international normative frameworks on land tenure, including the Frameworks and Guidelines on Land Governance in Africa (F&Gs), the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure (VGGT) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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The GLF roadshow is on its way: the National Organising Committee meets with relevant government agencies in Indonesia

Thursday, 16th November 2017

Members of the National Organising Committee (NOC) for the International Land Coalition's 2018 Global Land Forum (GLF) are carrying out a series of visits to various high-level government institutions in Indonesia. 

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2017 Tenure Conference: Realizing People’s Rights: Forest and Land Tenure Reform in Indonesia

Wednesday, 1st November 2017

2017 Tenure Conference was convened in Jakarta, Indonesia during 25-27th October 2017 to review and revise  the ‘Tenurial Road Map’ that was developed as a result of the Lombok Conference in 2011, during the previous administration.

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ILC ALC presente en la Conferencia Regional sobre Agricultura Familiar del MERCOSUR y en Reunión de la REAF

Friday, 20th October 2017

Se llevó a cabo la Primera Conferencia sobre Agricultura Familiar del MERCOSUR en el marco de la reunión de la REAF en Chile, un importante espacio para el análisis de políticas públicas relacionadas a este sector clave de la agricultura en donde participan  representantes gubernamentales y de la sociedad civil.

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Commemorating International Rural Women's Day: The fight for equal land rights

Monday, 16th October 2017

October 15th was the International Day of Rural Women.  Established in 2008 by the United Nations General Assembly, the Day recognises the crucial role women and girls play in rural society for sustainable development. 

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