Farmers in Indonesia is heading towards land ownership

Friday, 31st August 2018

After a long process of advocacy and struggle, the Mangkit Peasant Union (SPM) in Belang District, Southeast Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi, finally found a bright spot.

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Countdown to GLF 2018!

Thursday, 30th August 2018

Indonesian National Anthem filling out the ballroom in Akmani Hotel, Jakarta, August 3rd 2018. The attendees from Government, Human Rights commissions, parliament members, and the CSOs, as well as farmers, peasant unions, and academics were arisen from their sit and expressing their nationalism by singing the anthem together. In this moment, all were one, united for one purpose; bringing social justice for farmers, indigenous peoples, rural women and youth, toward their land rights, through the Global Land Forum (GLF) 2018.

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land_rights_now-campaign Liberia/ James Giahyue

Liberia: more voices support civil society’s press for a better land rights law

Wednesday, 22nd August 2018

In a statement, Land Rights Now supports the civil society’s call for Liberian policymakers to review and pass a people centred land rights bill

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Frédéric Djinadja, Coordinator, National Engagement Strategy, Togo

A new land code in Togo: what is NES in it?

Wednesday, 15th August 2018

An interview with Frédéric Djinadja(FD), Coordinator, National Engagement Strategy, Togo

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Impulso de Red Regional para monitorear la gobernanza de la tierra

Thursday, 9th August 2018

Diversas organizaciones miembro de la ILC ALC impulsan la Red Regional de Iniciativas de Monitoreo de la Gobernanza de la Tierra y los Recursos Naturales, con la que se busca documentar y monitorear el acceso a la tierra en distintos países. La Red promueve los derechos a la tierra y el territorio de campesinos/as y pueblos indígenas, generando y difundiendo información sobre la base de las agendas temáticas de los miembros de la ILC.

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banner OVT

¿De quién es la Tierra? OVT impulsa debate sobre pueblos indígenas

Thursday, 9th August 2018

Pueblos indígenas exigen ser escuchados y que se cumpla lo establecido en la Constitución y en la Ley Orgánica de Pueblos y Comunidades Indígenas

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