Countdown to GLF 2018!

Thursday, 30th August 2018

Indonesian National Anthem filling out the ballroom in Akmani Hotel, Jakarta, August 3rd 2018. The attendees from Government, Human Rights commissions, parliament members, and the CSOs, as well as farmers, peasant unions, and academics were arisen from their sit and expressing their nationalism by singing the anthem together. In this moment, all were one, united for one purpose; bringing social justice for farmers, indigenous peoples, rural women and youth, toward their land rights, through the Global Land Forum (GLF) 2018.

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CSOs Commit to People Centered Land Governance in Kyrgystan

Wednesday, 11th July 2018

Civil Society Organisations of Kyrgyzstan gathered in a join force with International institutions and government offices to establish a multi stake holders partnership on land governance in the country. 

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Land rights reporting workshop Uganda/ILC Africa/Israel Bionyi

CSOs and media train to report land governance effectively

Wednesday, 4th July 2018

Media and civil society partnership is key to improving land governance in Africa

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Groupe de travail sur le Dashboard au Sénégal

The Dashboard launches in Senegal piloted by IPAR

Wednesday, 30th May 2018

Land governance is an important part of natural resource management. Senegal has recently adopted a land policy, which opens up prospects for a long-promised, but long-delayed, land reform. One suggestion is that land indicator monitoring facilitates consensus building, thus contributing to the promotion of peace.

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Red de Iniciativas de Monitoreo de la Gobernanza de la Tierra y los RR.NN: avances y prioridades para el 2018

Monday, 30th April 2018

La Red sostuvo una reunión en Bogotá, Colombia, para definir los temas e indicadores a monitorear y las acciones para este año. Sus hallazgos abonarán a procesos de incidencia en favor de una gobernanza de la tierra centrada en las personas.

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Titulación colectiva en el Perú: tema pendiente en la agenda política y social del país

Monday, 18th December 2017

El evento "Diálogo Intercultural: Balances y Retos sobre los Proyectos de Titulación de Tierras Comunales", realizado el pasado 13 de diciembre, permitió visibilizar los retos y avances en cuanto a los proyectos de titulación de las tierras y territorios de las comunidades campesinas y nativas del Perú. 

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