2017 Grassroots Justice Prize


The 2017 Grassroots Justice Prize will highlight the inspiring work being done around the world to put the power of law in people’s hands. Each winner will receive US$10,000. 

Who can enter?

The Grassroots Justice Prize competition is open to non-profit organizations, social enterprises, and public institutions. Projects that are restricted to one part of an organization's overall work will also be considered. 

Organizations that partner directly with Namati are ineligible for the prize.

What kind of projects can win?

All three of this year’s awards are for grassroots justice projects that focus on legal empowerment. Legal empowerment means giving people the power to know, use, and shape the laws that affect them.

Eligible projects might use a community paralegal approach or they may be providing legal education and basic rights awareness.

The key is that they are putting the power of law in people's hands in order to tackle poverty, injustice, or other social problems.  

Does entering the competition cost money? 

No, there is no fee associated with the prize.

What are the application requirements and process?

There are three stages in selecting the Grassroots Justice Prize winners.

Stage One: Submission of Applications 
To apply for the Grassroots Justice Prize, download the application form, complete it, and email it to justiceprize@namati.org, along with any support documents requested in the form. 

Please note that if you want to apply for two or all three of the prize categories, you still only need to complete and submit one application form -- there is a question on the form where you can indicate what prizes you would like to be considered for.

The deadline to apply is November 24, 2017.

If you would like to nominate an organization, please fill out the short online nomination form by November 10, 2017.  We will then reach out to the organization and invite them to apply by the November 24 submission deadline. 

Stage Two: Shortlisting
Namati and the Grassroots Justice Prize judges will shortlist the most promising entries. All shortlisted applicants will be contacted and may be asked to provide more information.

The shortlisted applicants for The Elders’ #WalkTogether Prize for Courage will be profiled on the Grassroots Justice Prize website and a winner will be determine through a public vote.

Stage Three: Results
The Grassroots Justice Prize judging panel -- comprised of notable legal empowerment practitioners and academics -- will select the winners of the Achmed Dean Sesay Memorial Prize for Innovation and the Nomboniso Nangu Maqubela Memorial Prize for Scalability and Sustainability.

The winner of the Elders’ #WalkTogether Prize for Courage will be determined by a public vote. Shortlisted candidates will be showcased on the website and people will be able to vote for their favorite.  

All Grassroots Justice Prize winners will be announced in January 2018.

For more information please visit: http://www.justiceprize.org/