Mbororo Social and Cultural Development Association
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Mission & Vision: 
MBOSCUDA is a social organization of the Mbororo community which seeks to regroup Mbororo potentials in order to redefine their priorities, according to their aspirations as a people, as well as, curb some of the excesses of ignorance and illiteracy. MBOSCUDA was created in 1992. Its formation began in 1987 and became a reality in 1992 when the Fulani Social Development (FUSUDA), the Fulani foundation of Cameroon (FUFOUCAM) and the Mbororo Development Association (MDA) met in Bamenda, Kumbo, and Yaounde respectively. These merged in 1992 in Yaounde to form the Mbororo Social and Cultural Development Association- MBOSCUDA. A non-partisan, non profit socio-cultural development association, the association has grassroot structures in nine of the ten regions with about 40,000 adherences. MBOSCUDA was created with a vision to empower Mbororo pastoralists to achieve sustainable and equitable development on their own terms and to secure their human, social and economic rights as valued active citizens of Cameroon.


Focal point: 
Musa Usman Ndamba
P.O Box 221, Bamenda, Cameroon
+237 22212342 / 237 77 52 15 73