About ILC Asia

The Asia Regional Platform (ILC Asia)

ILC’s regional platforms provide opportunities for strengthening members’ ownership of the Coalition and ensure that its actions are relevant to the specific regional context. 

In Asia, the platform comprises 45 regional, national, and local civil society, producer and farmer, indigenous peoples’, and pastoral organisations, as well as research institutes. In addition, the platform welcomes regional and national offices of the United Nations (UN), international research institutes and international CSOs from ILC’s global membership.

For each regional platform, a light regional  coordination unit hosted by a member and headed by a Regional Facilitator supports the implementation of the regional component of the ILC work plan, under the oversight of a regional Steering Committee.

Recently, the hosting of the ILC Asia platform entered a transition period.  The new host organization of ILC Asia is Consortium for Agrarian Reform/Konsorsium Pembaruan Agraria (KPA), based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The previous host of ILC Asia was the regional Asian NGO Coalition (ANGOC), with its headquarters based in Manila, Philippines.