Ekta Parishad-Mahatma Gandhi Seva Ashram
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The Mahatma Gandhi Seva Ashram is an institution for peace and non-violence. We believe in a India, where people can live in peace and harmony with each other. An India where there are no boundries between humans. An equal India. A strong India. We believe that through Ahimasak Sangharsh (non-violent struggle) the rural communities of India can secure Gandhi’s vision of Gram Swaraj. Srijan, or the creation of a self-reliant society, is possible when community ties are strengthened through mutual respect and social equity. The vision of the organisation is Securing and enhancing the land & livelihood opportunities for the excluded communities particularly Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Minority Communities, Single women and physically challenged persons through democratic accountability, responsiveness and transparency in governance system.


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Aneesh Kumar Keloth Kaitheri
Joura Resource CentreAt-Purani Chhawani, Post-Moti jhilDistrict-Gwalior, Madhya PradeshIndia
+91 751 2491653
+91 751 2491653