Philippine Association for Intercultural Development, Inc.
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PAFID’s mission is to work with Indigenous Communities in obtaining access to and control of their natural environment and in sustainably protecting, managing, utilizing and developing these as a means towards self-respect, self-sufficiency and a stable natural environment. PAFID is a social development organization which has been assisting Philippine indigenous communities secure or recover traditional lands and waters since 1967. It forms institutional partnerships with indigenous communities to secure legal ownership over ancestral domains and to shape government policy over indigenous peoples’ issues. PAFID works exclusively with the indigenous peoples’ sector, specifically upon written or signed requests for assistance from indigenous communities or their representatives. PAFID envisions Indigenous communities as responsible stewards of their resources. As communities and individuals they posses rights and responsibilities over the natural environment, cultural integrity, educational and health systems that embody their indigenous knowledge and mores, employ socially and ecologically sound methods of managing and utilizing their natural resources for their own and national benefit for both present and future generations.


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David De Vera
71 Malakas StreetQuezon CityThe Philippines
+63 2 9274580
+63 2 9274580