Society for Development of Drought Prone Area
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The organisation’s mission is to empower the powerless to build up such a society. Siding with the powerless to unleash their fettered but inherent dynamism and strength to place themselves in the broad-way of growth, amply fueled and fired to move ahead and build up pro-progress environs, ensuring a harmonious society where social, political, economic, educational, cultural, in-family & inter-family and gender justice, equity,& (possibly) equality and play of good conscience. Having completed 25 years of service to the poor and to the village community, SDPPA has quantitatively and qualitatively grown and is moving ahead with in fatigable competency to meet the challenges to be encountered in its pursuit of facilitating balanced, participatory, sustainable and integrated development of the poor in its operational areas, fighting poverty in all its ramifications and dehumanizing manifestations across the village community. The vision is of a socially, economically, politically and environmentally healthy, harmonious and just society.


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Stephen Livera
# 14-42-654, Wanaparthy-509 103, Mahabubnagar, A.P., India
+91-8545-232305, 234272
+91-8545-232305, 234272