Global Call to Action on Indigenous and Community Land Rights

Wednesday, 20th January 2016

The Global Call to Action (GCA) aims to double the land area recognized as owned or controlled by Indigenous Peoples and local communities by 2020.


The Global Call to Action on Indigenous and Community Land Rights (GCA) is a worldwide campaign aimed at doubling the area of land recognized as owned or controlled by indigenous peoples and local communities by 2020 as a response to the vast amount of communities and indigenous people's - 1.5 billion globally - whose lands are being contested. As a global movemnet organizing under this banner, we can add value to efforts existing organisations at national level and support each other. 

The Global Call to Action (GCA) will lauunch in the week of 19 February - 4 March 2016, with the launch of a flagship report making the case for strengthening indigenous and community land rights in several countries and at the global level scheduled for Wednesday 2 March. The launch is followed by a campaign involving advocacy, media work and digital campaigning - at vatious levels that will continue beyond 2016. 

To achieve its goal, the GCA aims to  mobilize communities, movements, organizations, governments, the private sector and individuals to support ongoing struggles on the ground and jointly push for change in policy practice. To this end, the Steering Group of the GCA formulated a set of clearly defined policy asks. The Global Call to Action aims at giving those fighting for land rights a stronger voice internationally and nationally as part of a global movement.  All signatories will receive regular updates on what others are doing, have access to materials in three languages (campaign report, posters, social media cheat sheets, etc). for download and/or in hard copy to use in local activities, and will have their activities and stories featured on and in related social media channels as well as in press coverage for the GCA. The GCA, beyond campagin materials, will be a patform for mobilisation, collective action, and sharing. 

The Global Call to Action is guided by a Steering Group comprising leaders and representatives of civil society organisations and technical experts on the issue. Over 200 organisations have already joined the call - please join us if you haven't done so yet!


To publicly associatie your organisation or community with the call, please sign up at
If you tweet, please follow the GCA @Global_Call_ and use the hashtag #landrightsnow

For more info, contact Sabine Pallas, the Regional Coordination Unit or