Our commitment: Secure territorial rights for Indigenous Peoples

Monday, 10th July 2017

Asia is home to more than half of the world’s population, where about 260 million indigenous peoples are spreading throughout the continent, making it the most culturally diverse region in the world. 

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One Voice on Earth Day from ILC Members in Asia

Monday, 15th May 2017

Securing the land rights is one of the most essential way to be taken in order to fight the climate change and safeguarding the Earth. Below are the stories compiled by ILC Asia, to show how the members in Asia addressing the land rights of the communities, as one of the way to save the earth from destruction. 

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Strengthening Joint Land Ownership and Women Land Entitlement Programs

Friday, 23rd October 2015

Sharing findings on Joint Land Ownerships (JLO) and Women Land Entitlement and forest tenure rights for the poor.

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GLF donations reach Nepal earthquake victims

Wednesday, 1st July 2015

Nepal earthquake victims received help from GLF donations

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2015 GLF and AoM participants support victims of the Nepal Earthquake

Friday, 15th May 2015

Participants of the 2015 GLF and AoM contributed for the victims of Nepal earthquake.

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4th NLRF Convention concluded with a 29-Point Kanchanpur Declaration

Sunday, 22nd February 2015
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