BJSA activities focused on Women and Children

Monday, 23rd March 2015

BJSA India recognizes women contribution in community development works

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NGOF leads consultation on the draft Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Law

Wednesday, 18th March 2015

FPIC principle included in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) law in Cambodia

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Landless sugarcane farmers block the gate of the Congress with bundles of sugarcane

Monday, 9th March 2015

Farmers appeals to Congress to pass the extension of the LAD component of CARP, and the creation of an independent commission on Agrarian Reform

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Leading the way: Cambodian Women after women’s global agreement in 1995

Friday, 6th March 2015
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4th NLRF Convention concluded with a 29-Point Kanchanpur Declaration

Sunday, 22nd February 2015
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Asia Steering Committee prepares for the implementation of the 2015 ILC Asia Workplan

Thursday, 19th February 2015
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