Regional Assemblies

The ILC Asia Regional Assembly, which meets at least once a year, serves as the platform’sprimary decision-making body for consolidating and approving priorities, initiativesand activities for ILC engagement at regional, country, and local levels. Each year, theRegional Assembly leads to the production of a regional workplan, which guides theinitiatives and activities undertaken by the regional platform during the following year.

Specifically, ILC Asia members that participate in the Regional Assembly have agreed to undertake the following tasks as a platform (Regional AoM, Cambodia, 2012):

  • Consolidate ILC activities in the Asian region within the platform to provide opportunities for national and regional members to strengthen ownership of the Coalition and ensure that its actions are relevant to the specific regional context.
  • Prioritise actions in line with the ILC Strategic Framework, taking account of regional,national, and local contexts.
  • Coordinate the planning of activities to be undertaken by members.
  • Implement and monitor regional-level activities.
  • Mobilise financial resources required by the programme of work and agreed priority actions.
  • Coordinate reporting of activities undertaken by members.
  • Conduct and coordinate evaluation activities as agreed in the annual planning process.
  • Facilitate member-to-member relationships within the region, including joint action and communication among members and with other strategic stakeholders.
  • Provide feedback on organisations from the region applying for ILC membership.