NAMATI - Innovations in Legal Empowerment
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Namati is a Sanskrit word meaning to bow and to shape something into a curve, evoking the ideas of reverence and transformation. An international organization dedicated to advancing the field of legal empowerment and to strengthening people’s capacity to exercise and defend their rights in practical ways, Namati actively cultivates a global community of legal empowerment practitioners and pursues and evaluates innovative legal empowerment programs. It addresses issues of pressing global significance, including: community land protection, increased access to justice, environmental justice, and accountability of essential services. Namati's vision is of a world in which all people are able to exercise their rights and take part in the process of governing, resulting in more empowered communities and more responsive governments, and the restoration of human dignity.


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Rachael Knight
1824 Jefferson Place, NW; Washington DC 20036.
+1 202 721 5600
+ 1 202- 721 5600