The ILC family is growing: 63 organisations join the coalition

Wednesday, 28th March 2018

In 2017, ILC opened its arms and accepted 63 new organisations across the globe to join the ILC Family! Through this expansion ILC widened its reach to new countries, increased capacities across ILC's 10 commitments and strengthened ILC's voice in its fight for equitable land rights.

The ILC network now embraces 262 members in 78 countries. These new members bring greater diversity into the fold, with 12 new civil society organisations entering the global group and two intergovernmental organisations. This intake increases the proportion of ILC members who directly represent land-users such as family farmers, Indigenous Peoples and women.

View the entire list here!

Many of the new members include ILC partners who currently work with existing members in National Engagement Strategies and Commitment Based Initiatives which will help unify our voices at national and global levels when advocating  for reformed land rights. 

What our new members think

Several of our new members expressed their enthusiasm to be part of one of the largest alliances for land rights.  

We look forward to personally welcoming the new members this September at the Global Land Forum in Bandung Indonesia where they will have the opportunity to get to know the entire ILC family. Now, we are stronger, our skills and competencies are more diverse than ever before and it is our common goal to put people in the centre of land governance that brings us together, forming a strong front to ensure that land rights are secure and poverty is eradicated worldwide.