Acción Campesina
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Mission & Vision: 
Accion Campesina is a social actor promoting sustainable agriculture in partnership with other actors. We believe in participation of rural people and of their organizations in order to promote the rural development of the country. Initially born as one of the first programmes of the Centro al Servicio de Acción Popular in 1976, Accion Campesina became a legally independent entity in 1992. Today, Accion Campesina works primarily with local communities in the region of Barlovento del Edo -Miranda. It also provides legal advice and capacity building support as per the request of institutions working in other regions of the country. Our Values include 1) justice, full recognition, respect and exercise of human rights 2) freedom, individual capacity to make choices and therefore act in accordance with one’s own principles and values 3) solidarity, personal and social commitment to a pertinent and appropriate level of support 4) honesty, personal and institutional conduct linked to ethics 5) respect, recognition of diversity and dignity of others and of their environment 6)responsibility, individual and collective commitment to accomplish with the results as from the exercise of freedom.


Focal point: 
Manuel Gomez
Calle Ayacucho N° 52, Quinta Acción Campesina, Los Teques, Edo Miranda, Venezuela
+582123214795 – +582123213643872
+582123214795 – +582123213643872