Coordinación de ONG y Cooperativas
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The organisation’s mission is to consolidate a dialogue and coordination space that promotes equitable and sustainable development and helps strengthen peace and democracy, through participation and advocacy in policy-making. CONGCOOP emerged in late 1992 as an alliance of civil society actors with the shared goal to support the collective and organized return of refugees within the framework of a reintegration process to Guatemalan society, therefore addressing the urgent need to begin building a state of law in the country. Since the signing of the Peace Accords in 1996, CONGCOOP has focused its activities towards fulfilling its comprehensive implementation, with a special focus on the subjects CONGCOOP addresses in its work. We are a coordination of NGOs and cooperatives, gaining strength from its internal articulation as a social actor, which promotes and coordinates development proposals to address equality and justice; and which participates in policy-making as an advocate in the framework of building a country that is multi-ethnic, multicultural and multilingual with gender equity and respect of the environment.


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Helmer Velasquez
2a calle 16-60, Zona 4 de Mixco, Residenciales Valle del Sol, Edificio Atanasio Tzul, 2do Nivel. Guatemala C.A.
(502) 2503-0600
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