Forest Peoples Programme 2011 Annual Report

"Forests remain prominent in global debates about climate change and the Forest Peoples Programme has been actively helping forest peoples remind policymakers that their rights must be heeded in decision-making. Long-term scientific studies now substantiate with statistics our oft-made assertion that forests are best protected by respecting peoples’ rights: community-controlled forests slow deforestation even more than State-protected areas. Increasingly our rights work focuses on the discrimination being suffered by indigenous women in forests, advocating security for them not only by championing collective rights to lands and forests but also by helping them tackle the unjust forces that exclude them from having control of their lives. Gender justice, respect for rights and local control are keys to sustainability" writes Marcus Colchester in Forest Peoples Programme's Annual Report for 2011. 

This succinct report of FPP's activities over the past year ensures that FPP's work is accessible to all and is visible to our partners and supporters, as well as fulfilling the requirements of the law and reporting to our donors. We hope you find it useful and interesting. Please let us know if you have any comments.

The FPP Annual Report 2011 is available for download in English, French and Spanish.