Land Governance within the Cambodian Context: opportunities and Challenges for Enhancing the Poor´s Access to Land and Common Property Resources

  • Approx. 20% of the Cambodian soil is arable land
  • 80% of citizens living in rural areas, mostly depending on agriculture  and access to NTFP as the main source of livelihoods.
  • Rural poor account for 91 percent of the total poor (2006, World Bank)
  • Agriculture employs 60% of total labor force and contributes to 33% of the GNP
  • Access to Land and Common Property Resources needs to be seen against the rapid development of the country
  • Policies of the RGC stimulate large scale investments in land and natural resources
  • These investments are viewed as a mean to contribute to poverty reduction, a vital goal of the National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP)