Land Monitoring Handbook

Monitoring Secure Access to Land: Progress and Prospects

In 2008-2009, as part of its Land Reporting Initiative, the International Land Coalition (ILC) conducted a global review of efforts to improve the monitoring of land governance issues. This review included an analysis of past and ongoing initiatives; an internet-based consultation and discussion with key experts and stakeholders from civil society, research and intergovernmental organizations; and a two-day international workshop held in December 2008. ILC’s status as an intersectoral coalition enables it to bring a wide range of critical perspectives to debates. In doing so, it draws on the experiences of its diverse membership, which includes actors that range from farmers’ organizations to intergovernmental organizations. This report aims to bring these perspectives to the issue of monitoring secure access to land and to the development of related indicators. It aims to be a timely and useful contribution to debate as both IGOs and civil society groups move forward with innovative initiatives to improve the assessment of land issues.