ILC Asia 2017 Regional Assembly – Stronger Coalition Braided in Central Asia

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National Conference on Land Reform in India

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A Visit on Communal Land Tittle (CLT) and Forest Management in Cambodia

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What we do

Strengthening small-scale farming systems through knowledge sharing and policy advocacy work by: 

  • Sharing sessions on best small farming techniques and the implementation of VGGTs
  • Formulating template and draft policy instruments on VGGTs for small-scale farming
  • Developing a module on post-land distribution
  • Consulting on fair agri-venture agreements and the development of a toolkit for assessing regulations and compliance of agri-business engagements.

Equitable rights for herders and marginalized poor in pastoral and rural communities in Asia

  • Developing recommendations on the use of diverse tenure systems for pasture/forest land
  • Mapping existing policy instruments favouring customary and traditional land rights of pastoralists in Asia 
  • Demonstrating the impacts of existing land policies of pastoralists through the use of stories and case studies
  • Campaigning for access to the commons 

Ensuring Gender Justice: Enriching the Land Rights Now Movement

Advancing the recognition of Indigenous People’s land rights through evidence-based advocacy

  • Trainings, technical and financial support for community mapping, monitoring and documentation
  • Supporting communities with campaign and mobilisation efforts 
  • Contributing to a region-wide monitoring and documentation efforts on the current state of Indigenous Peoples’ lands
  • Campaigning and advocating in Thailand and Myanmar for the passage of laws recognizing Indigenous Peoples’ customary lands

Pilot, Adapt and Scale-up Solutions: People-Centred Ecosystem Management

  • Preliminary regional meeting of ILC members to agree on common documentation templates/processes and national policy campaign strategies
  • Implementation of activities at local and national level to transform experiences into policy platforms and advocacy campaigns (2 countries per sub-region in Asia: Central, South, Southeast and Mekong sub-region)
  • Regional forum to share national experiences and formulation of a regional advocacy platform on people-centred ecosystem management
  • Learning visits to successful projects and promotional campaigns

Empowering communities for inclusive decision-making on land tenure and property rights

  • Documenting concrete cases to be used for business sectors on fair agri-venture agreements
  • Generating and disseminating knowledge, including manuals on strategies and approaches to inclusive decision-making
  • Convening regional multi-stakeholder foras to dialogue with key governments and intergovernmental agencies

Sustainable, Reliable and Transparent Data and Information Towards Responsible Land Governance

  • Land Watch Asia allows partners to lobby for the formulation of pro-poor legislation on access to land as well as influence national land land-related policies
  • Strengthening capacities by monitoring the implementating land laws and programmes through evidence-based advocacy
  • Enhancing and expanding a regional spatial data platform managed and updated by ILC members

Common Action Facing Land Grabbing in Asia

  • Influencing Policy Making Processes at National Level Through IGO/INGO institution and CSO’s Alliance
  • Developing People Awareness on Land Grabbing through popular campaigns
  • Developing common regional standards on safeguards in regulating investments operation
  • Providing legal aid and service on land conflicts and rapid response through a Caucus supporting at the national level: Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, and Bangladesh
  • Establishing informal network ‘caucus’ of ILC members that will identify a team of lawyers, activists, researchers, on Human Rights Defenders on land in Asia that can be mobilized when needed immediate response
  • Building capcities to protect against land grabbing through training at National level for local leaders in CSOs, women, IPs, and govt in 4 countries: India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh