ILC Asia 2017 Regional Assembly – Stronger Coalition Braided in Central Asia

Miércoles, 27th Septiembre 2017

A moment for the Asia members to gather and to build the plans for the coming years is returning again this year. With the warmth culture of the Kyrgyz republic, the process was being carried out through a productive and solid discussion among all. 

Indigenous Youth Conference 2017

Kapaeeng Foundation
Miércoles, 1st Noviembre 2017

The Indigenous Youth Conference 2017 successfully ended in Komolganj, Moulvibazar with strengthened solidarity and enhanced capacities among a bunch of rising indigenous youth leaders of Bangladesh. The youth leaders present vowed to continue their communications and networks in order to work for a better future of indigenous peoples in Bangladesh.

Orientation for Journalists on "Land Rights of Women and Indigenous Peoples: Role of Media"

Lunes, 4th Septiembre 2017

The media plays an important role in highlighting the deprivation of the underprivileged groups in society and it is important for journalists who are working in the different sectors of the media to be aware of the rights of marginalized people including women and indigenous groups. 

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ILC Asia Members' Declaration on the International Youth Day

Domingo, 13th Agosto 2017

For the very first time, ILC Asia started the discussion to include the youths within its struggle over land. Young farmers from five Asian countries gathered in Bogor, Indonesia from the 10th to 12th of August 2017. Participants in the regional gathering brainstormed ideas on youth and land which resulted in a common agenda of working together for a campaign with the commitments of organizations who participated. The initiative called “Securing the Future: Land Rights for Rural Youths” was opened on the occasion of International Youth Day 2017.

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Annual report

2016 Asia Annual Report

The Regional Coordination Unit of ILC Asia
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Formulating our Action Agenda: Putting People Centred Land Governance in Asia

Every year, the ILC Asia  Regional Land Forum is a unique opportunity to bring together many of the most prominent land-related organisations in the region, including  grassroots organisations, activists, local and international NGOs, researchers, multilateral organisations and government agencies.  Action-oriented, the Forum's programme is structured to provide opportunities to participants who may not otherwise interact in person, to debate, exchange, learn from each other's experiences and to build linkages.

La Fundación Kapaeeng insta a las Naciones Unidas a que presionen al Gobierno de Bangladesh para que se ocupe de los derechos a la tierra de los Pueblos Indígenas

Jueves, 11th Mayo 2017

Durante el 16º período de sesiones del Foro Permanente de las Naciones Unidas para las Cuestiones Indígenas (UNPFII), que tuvo lugar en la sede de las Naciones Unidas del 24 de abril al 5 de mayo de 2017, la Fundación Kapaeeng, miembro bengalí de la ILC Asia, hizo una declaración audaz para instar al UNPFII a que presione al Gobierno de Bangladesh para que determine las funciones de la Comisión de la Tierra de Chittagong Hill Tracts y elabore un plan independiente para un comisión de tierras para los pueblos indígenas.

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Landless community in Bangladesh stand their ground against local elites

Jueves, 13th Abril 2017

In a country where approximately 25% live under the poverty line, and more than 10% are considered extremely poor[1], one of the greatest riches one can dream of is having land and benefiting from its bounties. As the saying goes, "land is life" and in the case in Rampur – a landless peasant community in Bangladesh – this is no exception.

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Study result on Women’s Relation to Land And Their Contribution To Agriculture Was Being Amplified in Bangladesh

Miércoles, 12th Abril 2017

A study shown that in Bangladesh, agriculture sector is becoming increasingly dependent on women's participation, yet however, in the bottom picture is women do not get institutional recognition as farmers in the Bangladesh Agricultural Policy 2013. 

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How The Bangladesh Government Addressed the Indigenous Women Issue In The Country

Martes, 11th Abril 2017

Bangladesh Government does not tolerate any crime. This idea has been ratified by many international conventions in order to enhance the human rights condition of the country. 

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