Advocacy for the implementation of the Vested Property Return Act

A successful advocacy campaign by ALRD and its allies achieved the repeal of the Vested Property Act - which had nefarious impacts on the land rights of Hindu minorities - and the implementation of the Vested Property Return Act. Launched despite the substantial political risks of confronting...

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Institutional Documents

ISSYK-KUL Declaration 2017

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Land rights as human rights – a view from Bangladesh

Viernes, 5th Enero 2018

In Bangladesh, around 80% of civil and criminal cases are related to land conflict. Eviction and torture against the marginal and indigenous peoples can be found throughout the country. Published in local newspapers, 11 cases of tortures are recorded during 2012 to 2017. 

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Case Studies

Asia Database of Good Practice Book

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One year after the attack on Santals in Bangladesh, evacuees remain un-rehabilitated

Kapaeeng Foundation
Viernes, 8th Diciembre 2017

Most of the evicted Santals were still living in shanties they had built almost a year ago. Many of the injured are still suffering. The victims claimed that they have not yet receiving any compensation which once promised by the government.

One year of attack on Santals in Bangladesh, evacuees still remain un-rehabilitated

Kapaeeng Foundation
Jueves, 7th Diciembre 2017

One year has passed by after a massive incident of violence against Santal and Bengali farmers occurred at Sahebganj-Bagda Farm area in Gobindaganj upazila under Gaibandha district, Bangladesh, though so the Santals who were evicted from the land of Sahebganj-Bagda sugarcane farm were yet to be rehabilitated and covered by compensation fund. 

How to use treaty bodies at country level: The Bangladesh experience

Priti Darooka
Lunes, 27th Noviembre 2017

ILC in partnership with the Human Rights Forum of Bangladesh (HRFB), SAFA (South Asian Feminist Alliance for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights) and PWESCR (Programme on Women’s Economic, Social and Cultural Rights) organised a 2 day national consultation on how to develop an effective alternate report for UN Committee on Economic, Social Cultural Rights (CESCR).

Indigenous Youth Conference 2017

Kapaeeng Foundation
Miércoles, 1st Noviembre 2017

The Indigenous Youth Conference 2017 successfully ended in Komolganj, Moulvibazar with strengthened solidarity and enhanced capacities among a bunch of rising indigenous youth leaders of Bangladesh. The youth leaders present vowed to continue their communications and networks in order to work for a better future of indigenous peoples in Bangladesh.

ILC Asia 2017 Regional Assembly – Stronger Coalition Braided in Central Asia

Miércoles, 27th Septiembre 2017

A moment for the Asia members to gather and to build the plans for the coming years is returning again this year. With the warmth culture of the Kyrgyz republic, the process was being carried out through a productive and solid discussion among all. 

Orientation for Journalists on "Land Rights of Women and Indigenous Peoples: Role of Media"

Lunes, 4th Septiembre 2017

The media plays an important role in highlighting the deprivation of the underprivileged groups in society and it is important for journalists who are working in the different sectors of the media to be aware of the rights of marginalized people including women and indigenous groups. 

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