Sábado, 28th Marzo 2015

ALRD organized a 4-day training course on IP land rights for 28 different indigenous communities in Bangladesh

Viernes, 27th Marzo 2015

ALRD engages media to take part on women's land rights issues

The case study describes the successful advocacy campaign of ALRD and its civil society allies in Bangladesh for the repeal of the Vested Property Act - which had nefarious impacts on the land tenure of Hindu minorities in the countries - and the implementation of the Vested Property Return Act...

The Rampur village in Dinajpur district, Bangladesh, was established on public ‘khas’ land in 1953 by landless farmers. However, in the decades after, different groups of local elites claimed the land and tried to evict the villagers. Thanks to support from CDA, the villagers resisted the...