ILC Asia Member Urges the United Nations to Put Pressure to The Government on the Indigenous People’s Rights on Land

Jueves, 11th Mayo 2017

During the UNPFII Sixteenth Session taken place at the UN Headquarter on 24 April to 5 May 2017, ILC Asia member from Bangladesh, Kapaeeng Foundation had make a bold statement to urge the UNPFII pushing the Government of Bangladesh to expertise functions of CHT Land Commission and to form a separate Land Commission for plain land indigenous peoples.

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Landless community in Bangladesh stand their ground against local elites

Jueves, 13th Abril 2017

In a country where approximately 25% live under the poverty line, and more than 10% are considered extremely poor[1], one of the greatest riches one can dream of is having land and benefiting from its bounties. As the saying goes, "land is life" and in the case in Rampur – a landless peasant community in Bangladesh – this is no exception.

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Study result on Women’s Relation to Land And Their Contribution To Agriculture Was Being Amplified in Bangladesh

Miércoles, 12th Abril 2017

A study shown that in Bangladesh, agriculture sector is becoming increasingly dependent on women's participation, yet however, in the bottom picture is women do not get institutional recognition as farmers in the Bangladesh Agricultural Policy 2013. 

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How The Bangladesh Government Addressed the Indigenous Women Issue In The Country

Martes, 11th Abril 2017

Bangladesh Government does not tolerate any crime. This idea has been ratified by many international conventions in order to enhance the human rights condition of the country. 

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Lunes, 27th Marzo 2017

Marking International Women’s Day 2017, Vice Chairperson of the Philippines's ILC Asia member, Asian Farmer Association has made a breakthrough as one of the eight enlightened women in making changes. 

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Halting land grabbing by local elite through sustained legal action_Photo credits Andrea Fiorenza

Freno al acaparamiento de tierras por la élite local a través de acción legal continuada

La aldea de Rampur, en el distrito de Dinajpur en Bangladesh, fue establecida en terrenos públicos ('khas') en 1953 por agricultores sin tierra. Sin embargo, en las décadas siguientes, distintos grupos de élites locales reclamaron la tierra e intentaron...

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Halting land grabbing by local elite through sustained legal action
Case study

Halting land grabbing by local elite through sustained legal action

Shah I Mobin Jinnah (CDA) and KirtiNishan Chakma (ILC Secretariat)
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