NES Philippines is online! Stay tuned with their latest news

Viernes, 2nd Diciembre 2016

Philippines’s National Engagement Strategy (NES) has recently launched a website to promote its activities – It features stories and campaigns involving farmers, fisher folks, and Indigenous Peoples claiming access to and control of land and other natural resources. Also available on the website there are documents, reports and materials produced by the multi-stakeholder platform.  

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Decision Points of 2016 Regional Assembly

Jueves, 20th Octubre 2016

Members of the International Land Coalition (ILC) Asia met in Manila and Tagaytay, Philippines from the 8-12 September 2016 for the 2016 Regional Assembly.  

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2016 Asia Land Forum & Regional Assembly

Viernes, 7th Octubre 2016

From friendly chats to political dialogue- the ILC Asia Land Forum and Regional Assembly 2016 was a great success!

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2016 Asia Land Forum Declaration

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NES Philippines set to start year 3

Sábado, 5th Marzo 2016

NES Philippines move forward with the third year plans addressing a three-year horizon from 2016 until 2018. 

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Southeast Asia: ILC members and partners meeting

Quezon City, Philippines
Miércoles, 9th Marzo 2016
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AFA participates in the World Forestry Congress

Domingo, 6th Septiembre 2015

Time to Listen to Indigenous Peoples, Local Communities, and Smallholder Forest and Farm Producers

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Understanding My Role in Feeding the Planet

Thieza Clarito Verdijo
Miércoles, 21st Octubre 2015

This is the first blogpost from ILC's "We Feed the Planet" Series.  Youth from around the globe, including ILC members and staff, gathered in Milan from October 3rd to 6th to bring the voices of young farmers, fishers, producers and food professionals to Expo 2015. This is their story...