Jueves, 5th Noviembre 2015

The Uganda Land Alliance, who won the ILC Award for their work in Karamoja, obtains the commitment from the Ugandan Ministry of Land that it will advance the recognition of Community Land Associations.

Land and Equity Movement of Uganda
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2015 Award Recipient

A Common Right

The Uganda Land Alliance is an exceptional example of an organisation who has used existing laws to empower and protect those living on and from the land. By working with over 50 communities in Uganda to set up Communal Land Associations (CLA), communities like Karamoja have been able to use existing laws to defend themselves against the insurgence of land grabbing and ensure fair compensation for invements. 

This case study reports the constructive collaboration between the Government and Civil Society Organisations in the formulation of the Uganda National Land Policy between 2001 and 2013. The Policy, eventually adopted in 2013, incorporates to a large extent the views of the Civil Society...