Ogiek peoples attending court hearing in Tanzania. Credit: OPDP

Preparing the next big mile for the Ogiek Peoples

Martes, 22nd Mayo 2018

One year after the landmark victory against the government of Kenya, the Indigenous Ogiek Peoples will come together on May 26 to reflect on the lessons learnt and groom support to make the next steps successful.

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How to protect women land rights in Cameroon/ Israel Bionyi

How to enhance women’s land rights in Cameroon?

Miércoles, 16th Mayo 2018

A national workshop trains civil society organisations in Cameroon to advocate for women’s land rights.

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The Africa organisational leadership programme

Jueves, Marzo 22, 2018

The International Land Coalition (ILC) and Maliasili Initiatives are proud to launch the Africa organisational leadership programme and invites ILC members to apply to join. 

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Environmental Challenges: Hierarchy in Property Rights Course

Domingo, Febrero 18, 2018

Learn how hierachy of property rights is applied to environmental land use and management around the world. This free course examines land tenure, property rights, and international development issues. Also the course promise an advice on how to produce policy briefs.  

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High level forum on the Contribution of Multi Stakeholders Platforms to Land Governance in Africa

The ECA Conference Centre, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Lunes, 13th Noviembre 2017
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Encuentro Latinoamericano “Defender Derechos en los Territorios”

De Martes, 22nd Mayo 2018 hasta Jueves, 24th Mayo 2018
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Connecting strategies: A round-table discussion with ILC members in Asia on land issues

Viernes, 18th Mayo 2018

ILC Asia in collaboration with CIFOR held a roundtable discussion on global land related themes, presenting speakers from various ILC member organizations such as FAO, Oxfam, AIPP, KPA, WRF and CIFOR. The meeting was held in the framework of ILC Asia facilitator and focal point team building, which took place in Bogor Indonesia on 17-19 April 2018.

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La ILC ALC exige el cese de la ola de asesinatos de defensores de derechos humanos y de la tierra en Guatemala

Viernes, 11th Mayo 2018

La ILC condena enérgicamente los asesinatos de Luis Marroquín del Comité de Desarrollo Campesino (CODECA), y de José Can Xol y Mateo Chamán Paau del Comité Campesino del Altiplano (CCDA) y exige una investigación exhaustiva para que los responsables sean llevados ante la justicia.

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Men that champion women's land rights

Viernes, 4th Mayo 2018

Gender means many things to people, but one image that usually comes to mind once this word echoes is women. A research initiative is putting men in the picture and changing the debate architecture.

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ILC ALC participó en la XXXV Conferencia Regional de la FAO llevando a la palestra el tema de la tierra

Lunes, 30th Abril 2018

La ILC ALC estuvo presente en la XXXV Conferencia Regional de la FAO para América Latina y el Caribe (ALC) llevada a cabo en Montego Bay, Jamaica del 5 al 8 de marzo, un importante espacio regional de diálogo y decisión en torno a temáticas rurales.

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