Dakar to Bandung: changes in land governance since 2015

Lorenzo Cotula
Jueves, 8th Noviembre 2018

In many parts of the world, land relations are experiencing rapid and profound change. People who have a strong connection with the land – including peasants, indigenous peoples, forest dwellers, pastoralists and fisherfolk – are feeling the squeeze. Land policies are also changing rapidly.

Highlights from the Global Land Forum 2018

Martes, 30th Octubre 2018

During the last day of the Global Land Forum (GLF), on September 27 2018, a question about a line in the declaration sparked a long debate that lasted almost one hour, in a session that was meant to conclude in just a few minutes. 

Institutional Documents

ILC Africa strategy 2017-2021

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land_rights_for_food_Israel Bionyi/ILC Africa

ILC Africa members celebrate World Food Day 2018

Lunes, 22nd Octubre 2018

In January this year, the African Union renewed its commitment to end hunger by 2025. In recent years, efforts to reverse hunger in Africa have multiplied, but as the UN State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2017 shows, real progress is yet to follow.  Globally, 767 million people live in extreme poverty, half of them in sub-Saharan Africa. Across the continent, it is popular opinion that the African nations need to go beyond windy promises.

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Policy & Technical Briefs

Con motivo del Día Mundial de la Alimentación, se publica nuevo Informe de Políticas para movilizar en favor de los derechos a la tierra

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Annual Asia Regional Assembly 2018: New Asia Steering Committee and Members of Asia

Lunes, 15th Octubre 2018

The regional assembly accepted the new members as well as the new elected Asia Steering Committees (ASC) for 2019 – 2021 period. 

En el Día Mundial de la Alimentación, pueblos indígenas y comunidades locales se movilizan para hacer valer sus derechos a la tierra

Lunes, 15th Octubre 2018

Miles de personas se unen a defensores de los derechos comunitarios en Kenia, Myanmar, Perú, Uganda y al menos 18 países para instar a los gobiernos para que garanticen sus derechos a las tierras que forman la base de la seguridad alimentaria mundial, y que ayudan a mitigar el cambio climático.

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From land use planning to bylaws

Masalu Luhula – Land Based Investment (LBI) Coordinator, TNRF
Viernes, 14th Septiembre 2018

In this globalised world, thinking short term is no longer an option for villages. Being strategic and visionary- visibly so- is mandatory

An inclusive multi-stakeholders approach empowers pastoral communities in Tanzania

Gilbert Tarimo and Savior Mbele
Jueves, 2nd Agosto 2018

Learning from how an approach gets better at securing grazing rights of pastoralists and gender equity in Tanzania 

TALA's diary from the: Africa Organisational Leadership Programme

Cathbert Tomitho
Miércoles, 1st Agosto 2018

Cathbert Tomitho, board member of Tanzania Land Alliance (TALA) was part of the first Africa Leadership programme. Here is his snapshot of the programme.