Marco Estratégico 2011–2015

year of publication:2011

Accelerate legal recognition of commons as group-owned private property to limit involuntary land loss by the poor

author:Liz Alden Wily
year of publication:2011

International instruments influencing the rights of people facing investments in agricultural land

author:ILC, Oxfam Novib, SOMO, WTI, Katja Gehne, Simone Heri, Elisabeth Bürgi-Bonanomi, Albert ten Kate, Sanne van der Waal
year of publication:2011

Human rights mechanisms to safeguard the food/land rights of people confronted with land use conversions

author:Simone Heri, NCCR Trade Regulation
year of publication:2011

Socio-economic impact of commercial exploitation of Rwandan marshes. A case study of sugar cane production in rural Kigali

author:ILC, RCN, Marco Lankhorst
year of publication:2011