The 2010 ILC Annual Report

year of publication:2011

Policy Brief: Securing women's land rights in Eastern Africa. Time for a paradigm shift

author:Gaynor Paradza
year of publication:2011

The tragedy of public lands: The fate of the commons under global commercial pressure

author:Elizabeth Alden Wily
year of publication:2011

Policy Brief: Large acquisition of rights on forest lands for tropical timber concessions and commercial wood plantations

author:Augusta Molnar, Keith Barney, Michael DeVito, Alain Karsenty, Dominic Elson, Margarita Benavides, Pedro Tipula, Carlos Soria, Phil Shearman, and Marina France
year of publication:2011

Evolution and impacts of Benin's coastal land use: The case of the Sèmè-Podji Commune

author:ILC, VADID, Paulin Jésutin
year of publication:2011