MRG and OPDP worried about the flawed implementation of African Court’s Ogiek judgment

Lunes, 20th Noviembre 2017

Minority Rights Group International (MRG) and Ogiek Peoples’ Development Program (OPDP), ILC members, express their concern about the newly formed Kenyan government Task Force on the implementation of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights judgment regarding the case of the indigenous Ogiek people. 

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Making labour tenant’s legislation work for the underprivileged in South Africa

Lunes, 6th Noviembre 2017

A new AFRA study finds answers to issues that weakens the1996 labour reform framework from effectively protecting labour tenant’s land rights. 

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Understanding rural land markets in West Africa

Miércoles, 1st Noviembre 2017

Ibrahima KA, a researcher at IPAR, a sub-regional think tank based in Dakar, Senegal says West Africa must regulate rural land markets to protect the land rights of vulnerable families in rural communities.

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Time for effective land governance at country levels

Domingo, 20th Agosto 2017

Customary laws have blocked women and youth from land ownership for far too long in Africa. Land Commissions in the continent have promised reforms to advance land rights for vulnerable groups and communities.

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ILC Members Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day 2017

Lunes, 14th Agosto 2017

From Cameroon to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), ILC members campaigned for the inclusion of Indigenous Peoples in politics and government for better recognition of their rights.

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Lecciones aprendidas para comunidades indígenas sobre la aplastante victoria en derechos a la tierra del Pueblo Ogiek de Kenia

Lunes, 7th Agosto 2017

Movilización, activismo, tenacidad, cobertura mediática y acciones legales por pueblos indígenas.  Todo ayudó a conseguir el éxito del pueblo indígena Ogiek en contra del gobierno de Kenia. A continuación le contamos cómo...

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