Indonesia’s Java Island is Urged to be Included in The Agrarian Reform Implementation

Jueves, 8th Junio 2017

As agrarian reform is one of the agenda included within the current Indonesian’s Government, Indonesian CSOs under the KNPA (National Alliance for Agrarian Reform), thereby, were attending a meeting with Ministry of Spatial Planning/Land Agency on May 3rd 2017, aiming to build dialogue on Agrarian reform policy progress.

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National Consultation Workshop on the Amendments of Laws on Forestry and Protected Areas

Martes, 6th Junio 2017

ILC Asia member in Cambodia, NGO Forum was collaborating with the Ministry of Interior to facilitate the National Consultation Workshop on the amendments of Law on Forestry and Law on Protected Areas (the Laws) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 

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Seeking Genuine Agrarian Reform in Indonesia and Ensuring No Regress on The Attained Process

Lunes, 5th Junio 2017

As Indonesia is entering its second year of its NES (National Engagement Strategy), departing from the lessons learnt from the year one implementation, the priority areas are now correspond to the ILC commitments on people-selected land governance (PCLG), dealing with strong small-scale farming systems, inclusive decision-making, transparent and accessible information, and protection for land rights defenders. 

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KPA is Expanding Membership to Respond to Agrarian Conflict Issues

Martes, 16th Mayo 2017

When a conflict on agrarian issue heating up in an area, ILC Asia member in Indonesia, KPA (Consortium for Agrarian Reform) immediately responds to the case. As what being arrising now in South Konawe, Sulawesi, where the locals are being involved in a land conflict against a palm oil plantation. 

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One Voice on Earth Day from ILC Members in Asia

Lunes, 15th Mayo 2017

Securing the land rights is one of the most essential way to be taken in order to fight the climate change and safeguarding the Earth. Below are the stories compiled by ILC Asia, to show how the members in Asia addressing the land rights of the communities, as one of the way to save the earth from destruction. 

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La Fundación Kapaeeng insta a las Naciones Unidas a que presionen al Gobierno de Bangladesh para que se ocupe de los derechos a la tierra de los Pueblos Indígenas

Jueves, 11th Mayo 2017

Durante el 16º período de sesiones del Foro Permanente de las Naciones Unidas para las Cuestiones Indígenas (UNPFII), que tuvo lugar en la sede de las Naciones Unidas del 24 de abril al 5 de mayo de 2017, la Fundación Kapaeeng, miembro bengalí de la ILC Asia, hizo una declaración audaz para instar al UNPFII a que presione al Gobierno de Bangladesh para que determine las funciones de la Comisión de la Tierra de Chittagong Hill Tracts y elabore un plan independiente para un comisión de tierras para los pueblos indígenas.

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