How can women's land rights be secured? An online discussion leading up to the FAO-IFAD-ILC side event at the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)

Online discussion on the Land Portal in English, French and Spanish  (23 January - 6 February 2012)

ILC, FAO and IFAD are organising a side-event at the 56th Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) to learn from policies, projects and processes through which women’s land rights have been secured. This online  discussion wants to gather inputs to enrich our debate in New York and raise the profile of women’s land rights issues in the CSW more generally. We would like to request your contribution on:

  1. successful examples of women claiming their rights;

  2. examples of policies and tools that promote women’s land rights;

  3. the role of women’s organisations; and

  4. the wider policy context.

We are looking forward to a stimulating debate, and hope that you will share your experience and views, as well as many concrete examples of rural women claiming their land rights to inform and motivate all of us!

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