Global Context

The Land Portal


The Land Portal aims to be the world’s leading source of information on land governance on the internet. It is a dynamic and highly accessible, easy-to-use online platform to share land related information, monitor trends, and identify information gaps to promote effective and sustainable land governance.

The first version of the portal will be launched in March and can be visited at

The Land Portal is facilitated by ILC in close collaboration with the consortium and a Partnership of approximately 150 land-concerned practitioners from almost 40 organizations. Land Portal partners commit to contributing to its development, coordination, management, and sustainability. The portal is governed by the Partnership and supported by a steering committee. Currently, the steering committee is composed of: ActionAid, L’Association pour la Gouvernance de la Terre, de l’Eau et des Ressources Naturelles (AGTER), the International Alliance on Land Tenure and Administration (IALTA), the Instituto de Estudios del Hambre (IEH), IFAD and ILC.

As a dynamic space for facilitating access to information on land governance and the exchange of ideas, the Land Portal contains a wide range of information and features. These include: country profiles, thematic areas, policy documents, global conventions, treaties and bilateral and multilateral land-related policies, tools and solutions, and lessons learned. The Land Portal is also a place for connecting land-concerned people and institutions, and is equipped with social networking tools and spaces to promote knowledge sharing and community building.

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