COMAID's diary from knowledge to action: experience with the Community Land Initiative

Jitar Christain Taku, COMAID
Mardi, 13th mars 2018

With large-scale acquisition moving to rural villages in Cameroon and threatening community land rights, we are learning new strategies to protect community lands against corruption.

Au Burkina Faso : 225 femmes accèdent au foncier

Saydou Koudougou
Mardi, 27th février 2018

Dans une assemblée générale présidée par le Maire de Satiri, les femmes et les chefs d’exploitations on consigner leurs ententes foncières dans un document collectif le 20 février dernier.

TNRF's diary from knowledge to action: experience with the Community Land Initiative

Digna Irafay, TNRF
Mardi, 13th mars 2018

While villagers still struggle with using current legal frameworks to access land rights in Tanzania, the government plans to trigger yet another revised national land law. Our team learnt how to help communities make the most of the upcoming legislation. 

Kenya: promoting land rights for women pastoralists

Nyanchama Angela
Samedi, 3rd mars 2018

In pastoral communities, women contribute a lot to pastoral life, yet are denied land ownership. A Resource Conflict Institute (RECONCILE) project is working to change the dynamics.

Tanzania: multiple stakeholders debate land governance challenges

Masalu Luhula-TNRF
Vendredi, 9th février 2018

Tanzania is currently reviewing its national land policy. To better enrich the process, the Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) is encouraging inclusive participation of multiple stakeholders via public debates and discussions at all levels. 

Building momentum around rangelands across Africa

Jeudi, 11th janvier 2018

In 2017, the Rangeland Initiative mobilised resources, built partnerships and advocated for pastoralists land rights