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Friday, 18th February 2011

The Learning Route: A cross-regional exchange programme on women’s access to land in Uganda and Kenya

From March 8th to 16th, ILC, Procasur and ULA are jointly implementing a Learning Route to analyze, by considering the results of action-oriented research and influencing policy, the main obstacles to and opportunities for women’s access to land. 25 Women leaders and activists are participating in the programme, during which they will visit 6 case study projects in Uganda and Kenya.

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This week, ILC’s Women’s Access to Land Programme Officer, Sabine Pallas, blogs about her experience on the Learning Route. Read her full posts on the IFAD social reporting blog here:

These days are passing by fast on the Learning Route - Summary of Days 1-3
by: Sabine Pallas
13 March 2010

Nakuru - It’s Day 6 of the Route already and the first time since its start that I find the time (and internet connection!) to write a piece for the blog – there is little free time and working on the bus is next to impossible because of a rather bumpy ride (and a rather basic bus!).

Since we started on Monday with our opening workshop in Kampala, during which all of us presented the work of our organisations, we have visited two communities and participated in two panel discussions - I shall try to catch up with blogging about all this over the next few days! We have travelled nearly 30 hours by bus along roads that are sometimes just a bit bumpy, sometimes muarram, i.e. with no tarmac and very slippery because of heavy rain. The programme is packed and the travel tiring, but the participants are patient and good-humoured (the fact that Lilia, one of our participants pictured below, gives excellent massages helps!). Having been on the road together for a few days has started to forge friendships – which surely is one of the most important outcomes of such a route! continue reading

The Journey Begins: Women Leaders and Activists Arrive in Kampala
by: Sabine Pallas
7 March 2010

KAMPALA - I arrived late last night at Entebbe airport and woke this morning to a sunny day – it has been raining buckets here in the past week, so this seems a good omen for our Learning Route!

The Route, organised jointly by International Land Coalition (ILC), Procasur, and ULA (Uganda Land Alliance), both of them members of the Coalition, starts tomorrow and continues until 17 March.

The Route includes case studies from the project “Securing Women’s Access to Land: Linking Research and Action” ILC has been carrying out in cooperation with the Makerere Institute for Social Research – MISR (Makerere University in Kampala) and the Institute for Poverty, Land, and Agrarian Studies – PLAAS (University of the Western Cape in Cape Town) over the last two and a half years. The aim is to link research and action by bringing together different stakeholders in small, action-oriented, research projects, accompanied and supported by MISR and PLAAS on the research side and by ILC on the advocacy side. continue reading

About the Learning Route
For more information, please see the attached call for participation or contact