Read media coverage on Land Rights and the Land Rush study

Monday, 19th December 2011

Following the new ILC Study on Commercial Pressures on Land - Land Rights and the Land Rush: Findings of the Global Commercial Pressures on Land Research Project, please read the most recent press coverage globally.





Afrique en ligne (1st article) (2nd article)

Alternatives Économiques - see attached pdf

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Bistandsaktuelt (1st article)

Bistandsaktuelt (2nd article)

Bistandsaktuelt (3rd article)

Bistandsaktuelt (4th article)

El Mercurio

Ghana Business News

Il Corriere della Sera

IPP media

Italia Oggi  - see attached pdf

La Recherche - see attached pdf

La Repubblica

New Agriculturalist



OOSKAnews International - see attached pdf


Sciences et Avenir - see attached pdf

Slow Food Magazine - see attached pdf

Trade Arabia

The Citizen

The Ecologist

The Guardian

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