Assembly of members 2009

21-24 April, 2009
Kathmandu, Nepal

“Securing Rights to Land for Peace and Food Security” 

The 2009 ILC Conference and Assembly brought together 177 participants from 37 countries, for four days of shared reflection on contemporary land issues and the work of the Coalition, from 21-24 April 2009.

The event in Kathmandu had a strong national focus, supported by active participation from the Government of Nepal and Nepali civil society. The Prime Minister and other officials presented Nepal’s vision of agrarian reform. Representatives of civil society contributed their perspectives on land issues. In an atmosphere of mutual exchange, ILC members presented practical lessons from international land reform experiences, and learned first-hand from the achievements of Nepali community forestry groups.

The conference explored current global challenges to equitable land access, including climate change, women’s lack of access to land, and increasing commercial pressures on land. Participants shared their work and gave input on ILC activities. Members in the Africa, Asia and Latin America regions met in caucuses to further their regional activities and governance.

On April 24, the Assembly of Members met to review ILC’s work over the past two years and to make key decisions for its future. The Biennial Report 2007-09 was discussed and approved by members. The Assembly admitted 19 new members to the Coalition, and voted to establish a membership contribution. Finally, the Assembly considered amendments to the ILC Constitution, and established a participatory process to complete the amendment of the Constitution.