CFS High level Forum evokes key role of markets for smallholders, but misses critical references to land.

Stefania Battistelli & Edward Searight, ILC Secretariat
Friday, 3rd July 2015

Last week’s High-Level Forum on Connecting Smallholders to Markets hosted in Rome by the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) sought to “bring together a wide range of concerned stakeholders to discuss issues, challenges and ways to improve the access of smallholders to markets”. 

Gobernanza de la tierra: problemas comunes, resistencias globales

Rosa Montalvo - Asociación de Servicios Rurales (SER)
Wednesday, 3rd June 2015

Women’s Land Rights, Gender-Responsive Policies, and the World Bank

Violeta P. Corral
Friday, 29th May 2015

Violeta P. Corral represented PAKISAMA at the World Bank Land and Poverty Conference, where she illustrated the use of the Gender Evaluation Criteria (GEC) in the Philippines.

Time to act: #landrightsnow

Stefan Verwer, Global Call to Action on Indigenous and Community Land Rights
Thursday, 14th May 2015

The Challenge for Community Lands: What are they, why should we care, and what do we need to do?

Liz Alden Wily & Stefan Verwer
Wednesday, 13th May 2015

Indigenous and community land rights feature high on the agenda of the Global Land Forum, which will be held in Dakar (May 12-17). But what exactly are community land rights and why do they matter?


Maarten van Bijnen, Oxfam
Wednesday, 6th May 2015

Securing Indigenous and Community Land Rights at Scale

The widespread lack of indigenous and community land rights, has become a global crisis, directly affecting the lives and livelihoods of at least two billion people. It is therefore that activists and representatives of rights-holders, communities and indigenous peoples from all over the world are gathering at the Global Land Forum in Dakar, Senegal (12-16 May) to address the need to secure indigenous and community land rights.