Gunawan Wiradi of Indonesia for the Asia Lifetime Recognition 2018!

Tuesday, 23rd October 2018

During the opening ceremony of the Global Land Forum 2018, ILC Asia recognising the figures who have been acknowledged as the most influential and consistent in the struggle of land rights and agrarian issue. One of the figures comes from Indonesia, Mr. Gunawan Wiradi. 

Surprise at GLF Opening: Indonesian's Agrarian Reform Presidential Regulation is signed

Tuesday, 16th October 2018

The International Land Coalition sets a new history in the agrarian reform journey in Indonesia through the Global Land Forum 2018 Opening Ceremony on September 24th, 2018. 

A conversation with Gillian Caldwell

Wednesday, 19th September 2018

As we are getting closer to this year’s Global Land Forum ILC had a conversation with Gillian Caldwell CEO of Global Witness, to gain more perspective on the international issues of protecting land and environmental defenders.  Gillian will be speaking at the GLF in Bandung this September.  

Working together for a more equitable future

Wednesday, 19th September 2018

The Global Land Forum is less than a week away! ILC took a quick break from the preparing to interview four of the speakers of the upcoming GLF. All from different backgrounds, the speakers gave great advice on staying #United4LandRights. Take a look at what Kathy Reich from the Ford Foundation had to say about the current states of land rights and about this year’s Global Land Forum!

A Cameroon solution: helping communities take control over their lands

Christian Jitar Taku, Coordinator of Community Assistance in Development (COMAID).
Sunday, 16th September 2018

From the Namati Blog series 5/6

Using simple approaches, COMAID tool farmers and grazers to take on land grabbers

Regularization of land tenure for the management of the biodiversity of two communities within a protected area

Manolo Morales, Executive Director, ECOLEX Quito - Ecuador
Saturday, 15th September 2018

From the Namati Blog series 4/6

Of the different types of land tenure conflicts that occur in Ecuador, one of the most worrying is relevant to property rights in protected areas. The government’s designation of protected areas have not recognised the pre-existing land rights of individuals or communities. This has created conflicts that disrupt the governance of protected areas. For example, the Ministry of the Environment (MAE) clashed with communities on more than one occasion.