10. Protected land rights defenders

Respect and protect the civil and political rights of human rights defenders working on land issues, combat the stigmatization and criminalisation of peaceful protest and land rights activism, and end impunity for human rights violations, including harassment, threats, violence and political imprisonment

  • Philippines

    In the Philippines, our members are working to assist Land Rights Defenders in emergency situations through the set-up of a Quick Response Fund

  • Guatemala

    In Guatemala , our members are undertaking a feasibility study for the establishment of an ombudsman that provides links to assistance in cases of individual and collective violations of human rights.  They are also providingaccess to legal aid and supporting land rights defenders prior to cases of criminalization

Regional Initiatives

Defence of Territories and Protection of Human Rights Defenders

  • Expanding social organisation's legitimacy in their struggles for land rights. 
  • Strengthening capacities of human rights defenders to defend territories and land rights.
  • Promoting tools to defend community leaders.
  • Systematising and disseminating good practices on how to defend Indigenous Peoples land rights and territories.

Global Policy

Those defending rights to land and natural resources are among the human rights defenders most vulnerable to being threatened, harassed, or killed, frequently in a context of impunity.

ILC expresses solidarity to Land Rights Defenders, including through a small Land Defenders Fund for ILC members at risk because of their work. ILC is also part of a newly established platform with other global members and partners to monitor and document violations and threats faced by land rights defenders,  with the aim of increasing awareness and improve advocacy. Read more about ILC's Land and Environmental Defenders Fund. 

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