Haingoarison Randrianomenjanahary

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Solidarité des Intervenants sur le Foncier (SIF)
Africa Steering Committee Member

Mr Haingoarison Randrianomenjanahary is a trained biologist and President of Solidarité des intervenants sur le foncier (SIF) in Madagascar, an organisation created in 2003 to help Malagasy people secure their land rights. Since 2010, Mr Haingo chairs SIF, which brings together 30 organisations and roughly 172,360 individual members. He is active in various associations working for rural development: promotion of young farmers, defence of land rights, and development of professional fish farming. He is a founding member and board member of various farmers' federations / associations. When Mr Haingoarison is not advocating for people’s rights, he is cultivating his 17 hectares farm, where he farms fish since 2009.