The Dashboard

The Dashboard is a comprehensive monitoring tool, developed by ILC members with the goal of promoting people-centered land governance. Conceived in 2016 and developed in consultation with members throughout 2017, the Dashboard is based on the fundamental recognition that civil society organizations are well – if not the best –positioned to measure changes to land governance on the ground. 

During consultations, the Dashboard was built with the monitoring needs of members in mind: What changes in land governance are the most important to measure? How could a tool like Dashboard help to consolidate land-monitoring efforts on these priority issues?

The tool is built on 33 core indicators, which are organized according to the 10 thematic Commitment of ILC. In general, progress against these commitments is measured by three types of indicators: legal, implementation, and impact. Legal indicators measure the presence (or lack) of a legal framework to address the issue at hand, implementation indicators evaluate the degree to which relevant policies and laws have been implemented and impact indicators document on-the-ground impacts.

Using standard methodologies for data collection, one of the great of the Dashboard lies in its ability to overcome fragmentation in existing land monitoring initiatives. While its flexible approach allows members to choose the indicators they use, its core indicators contribute to ongoing local, regional and global data collection efforts. Several Dashboard indicators align with SDG targets, principles of the VGGTs, as well as indicators developed by UNDRIP, GLII and others.  

By allowing members to generate data on the issues that matter most to them, the Dashboard encourages data ecosystems that complement and offer people-centered alternatives to official numbers. It will give a platform to data sources, perspectives and populations often underrepresented in national statistics. While it broadens the debate on land monitoring and land governance, people-centered data also amplifies space for civil society in national policy spaces.

The full Dashboard tool is currently being piloted in Senegal, Colombia and Nepal, with preliminary results already being recorded. Other regional initiatives, such as the Latin American Red de Iniciativas de Monitoreo, have already adopted select Dashboard indicators as well. Next year, the Dashboard intends to expand coverage to all countries where the ILC has an established National Engagement Strategy (NES). 

Check out the latest indicators (August 2018)

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