membership expansion 2021


to ensure no one's land rights are forgotten

The COVID-19 crisis will pose new and unexpected challenges for the people whose rights we work hard to protect. 

We have a long road ahead and the fight for visibility for land rights issues will be more challenging than ever before.

This is just one more reason for us to strengthen the network through a membership expansion, which we do every three years. 

Who can apply?

This membership opening will be targeted.

With a focus on filling the gaps of underrepresented regions and expertise in our network. We believe that ‘growing smart’ means being strategic with our expansion. A diverse network will help ensure that we can deliver on our joint goal of people-centred land governance for all.

This membership expansion will prioritise organisations that are not adequately represented in our network.

This means: 

  • Countries where ILC is absent
  • Organisations with competencies and expertise missing in the network and relevant to achieve ILC’s goals
  • People’s organisations (constituency-based organisations): organisations of land users such as landless, indigenous peoples, peasants, family farmers, youth, pastoralists, hunter gatherers, rural workers, rural community members, fishers, forest dwellers and users 
  • Global and Regional Intergovernmental Organisations

Individuals, governments, and private sector actors such as corporations are not eligible for ILC membership.



Interested applicants should submit a letter of motivation to the Membership Committee at 

The letter should outline why they are interested in joining ILC, and what they expect to contribute to the network.

From these submissions, the Membership Committee will select applicants that we will invite to prepare a full application.

Please note: an expression of interest DOES NOT translate necessarily into acceptance.

Rights & Responsibilities

At ILC's Global Assembly of Members, annual regional assemblies and through virtual platforms, members identify priorities, share lessons, develop collaborative initiatives and plan their work. At the global assemblies, all members nominate and vote for representatives on the Council and vote upon governance issues of the Coalition.

  • Members pay annual fees as a gesture of ownership and commitment to the Coalition, and a contribution to its financial sustainability. The fees and contributions accrued are entrusted to a membership fund managed by the Council. Minimum contributions vary according to an organisation’s profile. (For more information, please see the Membership Contribution Policy).
  • Members collaborate actively with other ILC members towards the mission of ILC, and strive to incorporate into their organisational practice the successful results and lessons learned from initiatives jointly undertaken through ILC.

Membership fee guide 2020

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membership committee

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CEPES - Laureano del Castillo

KPA - Dewi Kartika

IFAD - Jean-Philippe Audinet

IWGIA - Kathrin Wessendorf

SEEDS - Raed Ghraib

UCRT - Edward Lekaita

Vibrancy, Engagement, Expansion!

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For more information, please contact the ILC Secretariat: