Gender Justice

Achieving Gender Justice is more than a tick-box exercise and important to achieve all of ILC's commitments to people-centred governance, beyond commitment 4 'Equal land rights for women'.

Gender Justice is a core value of ILC that applies to everything we do.

In 2017, ILC's first ever Gender Audit looked at how we're doing and where to improve. In response to the audit recommendations - shared with all members for feedback to help us identify where to start - our Council approved a Gender Action Plan. Our action plan focuses on learning, improving workplace and network culture, and ensuring gender justice is an objective across everything done in the name of ILC.

Join us to take the next steps

In early 2019, we started with a training for the global support team and Council members, equipping us with tools to make our work gender-just. Over the next three years, we will support gender audits  and set up a mentoring scheme. We will also look for and share also good practices from ILC members that have made siginifcant steps towards gender justice.

ILC's Oversight Committee on gender justice, in place since 2018, includes one representative of each Regional Steering Commitee. Its current members are: WILDAF, Espaço Feminista, KPA, AZUL, IWGIA.

It's our members that make ILC what it is – and it is your interests, strengths and experiences that will help us become a gender-just coalition.

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