Respect, protect and strengthen the land rights of women and men living in poverty, ensuring that no one is deprived of the use and control of the land on which their well-being and human dignity depend, including through eviction, expulsion or exclusion, and with compulsory changes to tenure undertaken only in line with international law and standards on human rights.

What is the Database of Good Practices?

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LEARN, SHARE AND BE INSPIRED: Learning from the Database of Good Practices - Equal Land Rights for Women

ILC's Commitment 4 seeks to promote gender justice in land matters; including both de jure and de facto equality in land rights for women. ILC’s Database of...

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Group of women unites and claims rights and services from the state

Going against the patriarchal social norms in their communities, a group of indigenous (adivasi) women in Jarkhand, India, got together and claimed the right to benefit from a government scheme designed to improve land-based livelihoods. This action changed their own lives but also those of the...

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