ILC Africa planning meeting and regional assembly

20-22 October, 2015 – Entebbe, Uganda

DAY 1  20th October 2015 Speakers:  Results

Opening session

Welcome and Introduction

Objectives of the meeting

Edmond Malilo Owor – ULA

Shadrack Omondi – Chair ILC Africa

Mino Ramaroson - ILC Africa Coordinator 

Building an enabling environment for collective work

Introduce to the Audience the objectives and methodology of the event

  Video: Karamojong and their land (8 min)    

Round table discussion on Communal Land Associations: Case of Karamoja

Format: Talk show 

Introduction of the  participants (5 min)

Questions by the moderator on specific obstacles to be overcome for securing recognition of  CLAs (1 Hr)

Open debate (30 min)

Conclusions by ......(10 min)

Moderator: Edmond Malilo Owor – ULA

Government Representative:

Representative of Karamoja community: 

Advancing recognition of the Communal Land Associations in Uganda by governmental institutions

11:30-11:45 BREAK and Photo    


  • The African context on land and the role of  ILC

Two participants to introduce regional overviews on land


Recommendations from the GLF

Open debate with questions and answers (30 min)

Conclusions by the Chair (10 min)

Speakers: LPI representative

  • GRAF:  Saydou Koudougou/
  • IPAR: Ibrahima Ka
  • ELCI: Kennedy Orwa

Chair: Shadrack Omondi

Africa overview of success and challenges

Relevance of continental strategic alliances

Strengthening partnership with LPI



Separate tables for ILC induction  to new members

14:00-14:10 Introduction of new ILC members  at the Assembly  

Engage the new ILC Africa members

14:10- 15:15

Regional Assembly: Planning

Presentation (20 min)

Findings from 2011-2015 ILC Work, New Strategy and Roadmap, Commitments and Regional assembly planning tool

Q&A (30 min)

Speakers: Annalisa Mauro - ILC Secretariat, Motlanalo Lebepe

Chair: Nelly Mbangu Odenda Lumumba

ILC new frame of work 
15:15-15:30 Break    

The difference we make in working at the country level – NES sharing experience

Talk show: Cameroun, Malawi, Madagascar, DRC, Siouth Sudan and Niger – the difference we make

Panellists are invited to share 1 main achievement  of working together at national level (3 min x 8 participants) 

Facilitator: Mireille Tchiako CED Share results and challenges at national level 

ILC commitments and  ILC Africa regional initiatives

Introduction to the 10 commitments: Mino Ramaroson (5 min). 

Report to the assembly from leading organisations of ILC Africa initiatives:

Format: Talk Show

C2 Food Sovereignty LAMOSA (5 min)

C4: Gender justice FVTM and Kilimanjaro initiative – WILDAF (10 min) - FR

C5 Rangelands – RECONCILE +MALIASILI (URCT) (5 min)

C6 Indigenous Peoples Rights – OPDP (5 min)

C7 Land Matrix – CIRAD (5 min)


Regional Coordinator and leading organisations: FVTM, WILDAF, RECONCILE, OPDP, LAMOSA


Moderator: Mino Ramaroson

Share results and challenges at regional level


Interactive session for defining regional priorities

10 Working Groups around commitments:  Plenary room: 10 corners with one host for each commitment where people in small groups can rotate and contribute  to build collective ideas 

Group work Consolidate a joint multi-year workplan
DAY 2 21st October 2015    

Interactive session and report back

Reporting back from day before world café in plenary and collective prioritization of areas of concerns for collective action 

Chair: Amadou Kanoute  Prioritisation of ILC Africa Areas of work 

Interactive session: Working Groups

Plenary room: 4-6 corners with one host for each commitment where people in small groups can work to build collective actions

Group work How do we work together around ILC priority areas of work ?
11:00-11:15 Break    

Report back and plenary

Open discussion and conclusions 

Chair: Louise Du Plessis  
13:00-14:00 LUNCH    
14:00- 14:30


of the diversity of ILC membership in Africa

The most successful stories of Africa (reference to the ILC database of best practices), how do we build a learning cycle in Africa : from knowledge to change

Facilitator: Jan Cherlet and Wellington Madumira ILC Africa knowledge 
14:30 -15:00

Communications and Knowledge Management: how to integrate communication and Knowledge Management in the platform activities. What are the needs of the ILC Africa platform in terms of organisational development

Presentation and open debate 

Facilitator: Josh Ogada ILC Africa Communication and knowledge management 
15:00-15:15  BREAK    

Regional assembly: Governance

Future of the Africa Coordination Unit: Findings of the hosting assessment and elements of the roadmap for RCU growth 

Chair: Shadrack Omondi

Africa Steering Committee

Decision on ILC Africa coordination structure 
DAY 3 22nd October 2015    

Regional assembly: Governance


  • Report to the Assembly: Africa Steering Committee Africa Coordination Unit
  • Resource mobilisation strategy and implementation 

Chair: Shadrack Omondi

Speakers: Regional Coordinator, Chair, Amadou Kanoute