ILC Award

Why an International Land Coalition Award?

ILC members are doing amazing work, leading the fight for a more just and equitable world. In
celebration and recognition of this, we are calling for submissions to the 2018 ILC Award! The award will go to an ILC member that has contributed to securing the land rights of women and men living in conditions of poverty.

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The International Land Coalition Award can only be given to an organisation that is formally a member of the Coalition. The full list of members is available here.

All members of the International Land Coalition are eligible. 


Please send a document for each good practice that has generated positive change in the framework of one or more of the 10 commitments for people-centred land governance. Multiple submissions by one member/one group of members are possible.

Please send your inputs based on the below outline to:

Fichier outline_for_good_practices_for_2017_call.docx


Winners will be chosen according to the following criteria

  • Clarity of the good practice for the purpose of ILC members and non-members’ learning
  • Originality of the explained process, methodology, or tool
  • Potential for replicability and adaptability of the good practice
  • Writing and presentation quality overall 


The Call will remain open until the end of November 2017. Members will be invited to vote on the winner based on a shortlist of the top-ranked good practice for each commitment.

Winners will be announced in February 2018 and presented with their award during the Global Land Forum in Bandung, Indonesia in September 2018.


Between May and August 2014, ILC members were given the opportunity to submit success stories on how they promoted or advanced people centred land governance. From the 75 success stories received, a selection committee of ILC members has nominated nine success stories – one for each ILC commitment on people-centred land governance. The winner of the 2015 ILC Award is the Uganda Land Alliance, for their outstanding contribution towards ILC's 9th commitment  "effective actions against land grabbing".

" We are indeed still swimming in the moment of this glory. We shall continue to share with the increasing interested parties - both locally and internationally. With this collection in one package, you have now made it much easier to do this. I thank ILC for this priceless publicity."

- Edmond Owor, Uganda Land Alliance (winner of the 2015 ILC Award documentary and photo essay below)