After 20 years, ILC has amended its Charter.

In May 2015 during the Assembly of Members in Dakar, the International Land Coalition welcomed 55 new members. We are now a global Coalition of 200+ organisations from 64 countries working towards one common goal: land governance for and with people. We believe the revised Charter will better reflect the current size and ambitions of our Coalition, while helping us to function more effectively and navigate the way forward – we invite you to take a look!


Why the change? 

In order to function effectively and efficiently for the larger, more regionalised network that ILC has become, we came to the realisation that we need to adapt.   

It is for this reason that we have amended our Charter and Governance Framework, in order to recognise and highlight the regional, national and thematic dimensions of ILC's work; Regional Assemblies, Regional Committees, Regional Coordination Units as well as national and thematic platforms.

The ILC Charter rallies members together around the principles of mutual respect and understanding, holding each of them accountable to a universally adopted set of standards.  The document outlines critical pieces of information such as the Coalition’s origins and purpose and details its governance structure.  It continues to be a reference point and helps to navigate the way forward.

The ILC Charter was first approved in 2005. It was subsequently amended in 2009, 2013, and most recently by the 2017 virtual Assembly of Members.